3AI Learning Portfolio

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Welcome to my Learning Portfolio – a showcase of learnings throughout my Master of Applied Cybernetics course at Australian National University’s 3A Institute (3AI) in 2020.

The 3AI Master of Applied Cybernetics aims to train practitioners in a new branch of engineering focused on bringing AI-enabled cyberphysical systems to scale safely, responsibly and sustainably. An emerging field of practice, 3AI is teaching the new branch of engineering into existence. As such, students and faculty are part of an experiment, co-creating the branch of engineering through learning by doing.

One practice intertwined with the new branch of engineering is that of deep reflection: an opportunity to look back on achievements, to connect them to previous experiences, to uncover biases that we carry, to reveal struggles as we lean into ambiguity and, ultimately, to articulate a learning journey that is now a part of us as we go forth into the world.

This webpage is one form of this reflective practice in action.

The audience for this portfolio is anyone interested in learning more about what it takes to become a practitioner of the new branch of engineering. This could be a future Masters student, a prospective employer of such people or an interested collaborator.

In it, you’ll find learnings across the two core components of the course as below:

A core part of the Build course in Semester 1 was completing a maker project of our own choosing. See the page below for further details.

In Semester 2, we built a cyber-physical system. Tappy: A smart tap that uses computer vision to detect what you are doing with a tap and adjusts flow rate and duration to suit, improving water efficiency. You can read more about it at our website here.

I hope you enjoy engaging with my learning portfolio.