Tech-assisted prayer

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Throughout the first semester of the 3AI Master in Applied Cybernetics, we each had the opportunity to complete an individual maker project.

This project was designed to encourage us to draw on our interests and creativity to make something with our hands and to use this prototype as a way of exploring ideas of relevance to the New Branch of Engineering.

For me, this resulted in the creation of a memory-jogging device for my 91-year-old grandmother to say her Rosary prayer.

My prototype: A memory-jogging device that reminds my 91-year-old grandmother to say her Rosayr prayer.

This idea emanated from a long-held interest in the relationship between dignity and technology. It is this relationship that is explored through the online course below.

In a world where the development of technology is focused on scale and scale is about optimising for something bigger, faster, easier, broader and more profitable, we risk decision-making that is at odds with preserving, enabling and enhancing human dignity. This short exploratory course dives in to what dignity-enabling technology development could look like through the real-life case study of a maker project completed as part of the 3A Institute (3AI) Master of Applied Cybernetics

Click on this link to access the course – Dignity-enabling technology: an exploration.

Where is this project at now?

A working prototype, tailored to the needs of my grandmother is operational. Further exploration is to occur to understand whether there is a wider market for this product.